LED FLOOD LIGHT SERIES (gen.5) LED Flood Light Series LED Outdoor Lighting Series Penang, Malaysia, Bayan Baru Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Nupon Technology Phil's Corp
  • Heat sink system consists of Aluminum alloy
  • Philips LED component which have better lighting performance.
  • Each Modular is rotatable.
  • Energy saving up to 80%.
  • Conforming to IP65 standard.
Part Number Power Input Voltage Lumens Beam Angle CRI PF Brightness
NTPC-FL5120 120W AC100 to 277V 16,800lm 15/40/60/90/70
X30, ANAsymmetric15
>80 >0.9 300W
NTPC-FL5180 180W AC100 to 277V 25,200lm >70 >0.9 500W
NTPC-FL5240 240W AC100 to 277V 33,600lm >70 >0.9 600W
NTPC-FL5360 360W AC100 to 277V 50,400lm >70 >0.9 800W
NTPC-FL5480 480W AC100 to 277V 67,200lm >70 >0.9 1000W
NTPC-FL5600 600W AC100 to 277V 84,000lm >70 >0.9 1200W
Application: Stadium, Indoor and Outdoor.

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