LED FLOOD LIGHT SERIES G6 (Explosion Proof) LED Flood Light Series LED Outdoor Lighting Series Penang, Malaysia, Bayan Baru Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Nupon Technology Phil's Corp
Product Description:

With international Bridglux LED component which has high brightness and long lifespan.
Optimized heat fins for natural convection.
High efficiency cooling system.
Product meet IP65 standard
Power supply ranging from 100- 240V AC, 50/60Hz , MeanWell
High light transmission Glass protection cover.

Part Number Power Input Voltage Lumens IP RATING CRI PF Brightness Equivalent
NTPC-FL030-G6 30W AC100 to 277V 3,000lm IP 68 >80 >0.9 65W
NTPC-FL060-G6 60W AC100 to 277V 6,000lm >70 >0.9 150W
NTPC-FL100-G6 100W AC100 to 277V 10,000lm >70 >0.9 200W
NTPC-FL120-G6 120W AC100 to 277V 12,000lm >70 >0.9 250W
NTPC-FL185-G6 185W AC100 to 277V 18,500lm >70 >0.9 400W

 Application: Petroleum Factories, Gas stations, etc.

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